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Funny New Year Resolution Quotes

People make different types of resolutions on a new year. If you are not that serious about it, you can always try to make funny new year's resolutions that will tickle your friends and relatives. However, some of them can be funny as well as effective so that they can drive home a point or two. If you make such a resolution, the chances are high that people may even copy you and that can start trending in no time! This type of decision will also reach a lot of people in no time, as, on the new year's eve people make serious resolutions - no matter if they can follow it or not later on! Making a funny decision can be very useful and you can follow some leads from the points mentioned below. 

  • It can be all about the health - There are a lot of people who make funny new year resolutions quotes. These types of health quotes can be rib-tickling, and people will surely share them with others. A quote like 'Never again will I take sleeping pills and laxatives on the same night' can be highly comic. People will love to see them and take a laugh. You can also share health-related quotes with your doctor or physical trainer on the new year's eve, and that will surely make them smile. People like to make this type of resolution so that they can keep people happy and laughing. A new year period is also a happy moment, and this type of decision can add to its charm.   
  • You can also make fun of a status - Some people make funny new year's resolutions by making fun of one's situation. A declaration like 'Increase my relationship status from forever alone to slightly desperate' can surely tickle anyone. A lot of people also do it to make people enjoy and get fun. You can certainly make one of your own and share it with your loved ones. They are sure to enjoy your resolution, and you can even get some add-on idea from others so that you can improve on your primary decision! 

  • A resolution can be purely funny - It is not essential that you make fun of yourself or someone else's health or status. A new year resolution 2021 can be merely amusing. A quote like 'My cat's new years resolution is to continue staring at nothing,' can be quite hilarious and people will like to take a look at it. You can also make one of your own and share it among your circle.  


  • Do not make any objectionable resolution - While you make funny new year's resolutions, it is also vital to ensure that you do not end up hurting anyone's feelings. You should respect other people's taste, choices, and preferences. Just keep this in mind when you make a funny resolution so that no one gets upset about it and you and your family can have a wonderful time.  

There are also a lot of ideas online that you can use for making a comic new year resolution.

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